Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dido - Safe Trip Home [2008]

Safe Trip Home is the third studio album by Dido. It was released in the United Kingdom on 17 November 2008. The album features collaborations and production with Jon Brion, her brother Rollo Armstrong, Brian Eno, Mick Fleetwood, Citizen Cope and Questlove. The album was the 44th best-selling album worldwide of 2008, according to IFPI. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

  1. Don't Believe in Love

    Download don't believe in love

  2. Quiet Times

    Download quiet times

  3. Never Want to Say It's Love

    Download never want to say it's love

  4. Grafton Street

    Download grafton street

  5. It Comes and It Goes

    Download it comes and it goes

  6. Look No Further

    Download look no further

  7. Us 2 Little Gods

    Download us 2 little Gods

  8. The Day Before the Day

    Download the day before the day

  9. Let's Do the Things We Normally Do

    Download let's do the things we normally do

  10. Burnin' Love featuring Citizen Cope

    Download burnin' love

  11. Northern Skies

    Download northern skies


  12. For One Day

    Download for one day

  13. Summer

    Download summer

  14. Northern Skies (Rollo Armstrong remix)

    Download northern skies (remix)

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Dido - Odds & Ends [1995]

Odds & Ends is Dido's first recording album, which was never released officially.

In 1995, Dido began recording demo tracks which were put together on a collection entitled Odds & Ends and sent out by Nettwerk management. Nettwerk had signed her after she was brought to their attention by her collaborations with Faithless (Dido co-wrote and provided vocals for album tracks, such as "Flowerstand Man" and "Hem of His Garment") and the UK dance act spearheaded by her brother, Rollo Armstrong.

The collection was released by Nettwerk on CD-R acetate in 1995 and featured a mixture of finished productions and demo versions which she later considered for release on her debut album, released in 1999 as No Angel. Odds & Ends brought her to the attention of Arista Records, who signed her in the United States, striking a deal with her brother's record label, Cheeky Records, to co-sign her.

The track "Believe (Flu Season Mix)" is a remix of the song "Take My Hand", while three of the other tracks were included as bonus tracks on some editions of the album No Angel (see below), with the track "Don't Think Of Me" of that album appearing as a modified version of "Sweet Eyed Baby".

"Give Me Strength" later appeared on Over the Rhine's 2001 album Films For Radio.

  1. Give Me Strength

    Download give me strength

  2. Reverb Song

    Download reverb song

  3. Take My Hand

    Download take my hand

  4. Me

    Download me

  5. Sweet Eyed Baby

    Download sweet eye baby

  6. Keep Your Faith In Me

    Download keep your faith in me

  7. Too Bad

    Download too bad

  8. Believe (Flu Season Mix)

    Download believe (flu season mix)

  9. Worthless

    Download worthless

  10. Hurry Home (Demo)

    Download hurry home

  11. River, Run Me Dry

    Download river, run me dry

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Motorhead - The World Is Yours [2011]

The Wörld is Yours is the twentieth studio album by the British heavy metal band Motörhead, which is due for release in December 2010. The name of this album was confirmed in a July 2010 interview with drummer Mikkey Dee. On November 3, 2010, Future PLC, a UK media company, announced that Motörhead are to release The Wörld is Yours via an exclusive publishing deal with Classic Rock magazine on December 14. The standard CD release of The Wörld is Yours will go on sale on January 17, 2011, through Motörhead's own label, Motörhead Music, distributed via EMI Label Services.

  1. Born To Lose

    Download Born To Lose

  2. I Know How To Die

    Download I Know How To Die

  3. Get Back In Line

    Download Get Back In Line

  4. Devils In My Hand

    Download Devils In My Hand

  5. Rock N Roll Music

    Download Rock N Roll Music

  6. Waiting For The Snake

    Download Waiting For The Snake

  7. Brotherhood Of Man

    Download Brotherhood Of Man

  8. Outlaw

    Download Outlaw

  9. I Know What You Need

    Download I Know What You Need

  10. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

    Download Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday [2010]

Nicki Minaj
Pink Friday
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

Minaj's debut album, Pink Friday was released on November 19, 2010. A buzz single, "Massive Attack", was released in April. In August, Minaj released "Your Love" as the first official single from her debut album. The single peaked at 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, 7 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and topped the Rap Songs chart. Minaj became the first female artist to top the chart unaccompanied since 2002. In October 2010, Minaj became the first artist to have seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart simultaneously.

  1. Im The Best

    Download Im The Best

  2. Romans Revenge (feat. Eminem)

    Download Romans Revenge (feat. Eminem)

  3. Did It On em

    Download Did It On em

  4. Right Thru Me

    Download Right Thru Me

  5. Fly

    Download Fly

  6. Save Me

    Download Save Me

  7. Moment 4 Life (ft Drake)

    Download Moment 4 Life (ft Drake)

  8. Check It Out (ft

    Download Check It Out (ft

  9. Blazin (ft Kanye West)

    Download Blazin (ft Kanye West)

  10. Here I Am

    Download Here I Am

  11. Dear Old Nicki

    Download Dear Old Nicki

  12. Your Love

    Download Your Love

  13. Last Chance (ft Natasha Beddingfield)

    Download Last Chance (ft Natasha Beddingfield)

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My Chemical Romance - The Mad Gear and Missile Kid [2010]

The Mad Gear and Missile Kid is a three track EP released by My Chemical Romance that was included in the deluxe edition of their album. The guitar player Frank described it as "It's basically what the Killjoy characters would be listening to as they are driving around in the cars and having shoot outs in the music videos". First off, this EP is really good, I mean really good. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because it is so short. The EP finished up just under 6 minutes for the three songs.

  1. F.T.W.W.W.

    Download F.T.W.W.W.

  2. Mastas of Ravenkroft

    Download Mastas of Ravenkroft

  3. Black Dragon Fighting Society

    Download Black Dragon Fighting Society

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns [2010]

A Thousand Suns is the fourth studio album by American rock band Linkin Park. It was first released on September 8, 2010. The album was written by the band and co-produced by Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin, who previously worked together to produce Minutes to Midnight (2007). The lead single for the album, "The Catalyst", was sent to radio and released to digital music retailers on August 2, 2010. The band is currently promoting the album through the A Thousand Suns Tour.

1. The Requiem
Download The Requiem

2. The Radiance
Download The Radiance

3. Burning In The Skies
Download Burning In The Skies

4. Empty Spaces
Download Empty Spaces

5. When They Come For Me
Download When They Come For Me

6. Robot Boy
Download Robot Boy

7. Jornada Del Muerto
Download Jornada Del Muerto

8. Waiting For The End
Download Waiting For The End

9. Blackout
Download Blackout

10. Wretches And Kings
Download Wretches And Kings

11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
Download Wisdom, Justice, And Love

12. Iridescent
Download Iridescent

13. Fallout
Download Fallout

14. The Catalyst
Download The Catalyst

15. The Messenger
Download The Messenger

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Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning (Deluxe Edition) [2010]

The Black Eyed Peas are heading back to The Beginning with variant album covers for Standard and Deluxe versions of their sixth album dropping November 30.

The first single from The Beginning, “The Time (Dirty Bit),” will be available from all digital retailers on November 9th. “The song is a celebration of this amazing time in our lives,” says Fergie.

The Beginning will be released as a Standard CD of 12 new tracks, a Deluxe CD with three bonus songs, a full album vinyl, and a combo two-disc set of 20 songs that includes The Beginning and The Best of The E.N.D.

1. The Time (Dirty Bit)

Download The Time (Dirty Bit)

2. Light Up The Night

Download Light Up The Night

3. Love You Long Time

Download Love You Long Time


Download XOXOXO

5. Someday

Download Someday

6. Whenever

Download Whenever

7. Fashion Beats

Download Fashion Beats

8. Don't Stop The Party

Download Don't Stop The Party

9. Do It Like This

Download Do It Like This

10.The Situation

Download The Situation

11.The Coming

Download The Coming

12.Own It

Download Own It

13.The Best One Yet (The Boy)

Download The Best One Yet (The Boy)

14.Just Can't Get Enough

Download Just Can't Get Enough

15.Play It Loud

Download Play It Loud

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Maroon 5 - Hands All Over [2010]

Hands All Over is the third studio album by American band Maroon 5. The album was released by A&M/Octone on September 21, 2010. "Misery" is the lead single, it was released in June 2010. "Give a Little More" followed as the second single in August 2010.

  1. Misery

    Download Misery

  2. Give a Little More

    Download Give a Little More

  3. Stutter

    Download Stutter

  4. Don't Know Nothing

    Download Don't Know Nothing

  5. Never Gonna Leave This Bed

    Download Never Gonna Leave This Bed

  6. I Can't Lie

    Download I Can't Lie

  7. Hands All Over

    Download Hands All Over

  8. How

    Download How

  9. Get Back in My Life

    Download Get Back in My Life

  10. Just a Feeling

    Download Just a Feeling

  11. Runaway

    Download Runaway

  12. Out of Goodbyes (with Lady Antebellum)

    Download Out of Goodbyes

  13. Last Chance

    Download Last Chance

  14. No Curtain Call

    Download No Curtain Call

  15. Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic version)

    Download Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic version)

  16. Misery (Acoustic version)

    Download Misery (Acoustic version)

  17. If I Ain't Got You (Live)

    Download If I Ain't Got You (Live)

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Maroon 5 - Call & Response: The Remix Album [2008]

Maroon 5 updated fans on their blog at MySpace on Friday (October 31), offering details on the upcoming remix project they've been working on entitled "Call & Response: The Remix Album". The CD will be out in stores on December 9th, and features tracks by some of the pop rock group’s favorite artists. The full track listing is as follows:

  1. If I Never See Your Face Again Feat. Cross – Swizz Beats

    Download If I Never See Your Face Again Feat. Cross

  2. Wake Up Call Feat. Mary J Blige – Mark Ronson

    Download Wake Up Call Feat. Mary J Blige

  3. Sunday Morning – Questlove

    Download Sunday Morning

  4. Makes Me Wonder – Just Blaze

    Download Makes Me Wonder

  5. This Love – Tricky Stewart

    Download This Love

  6. She Will Be Loved – Pharrell Williams

    Download She Will Be Loved

  7. Shiver – DJ Quik

    Download Shiver

  8. Wake Up Call Feat. David Banner – David Banner

    Download Wake Up Call Feat. David Banner

  9. Harder to Breathe Feat. The Cool Kids – Cool Kids

    Download Harder to Breathe Feat. The Cool Kids

  10. Little Of Your Time – Bloodshy and Avant

    Download Little Of Your Time

  11. Little Of Your Time – of Montreal

    Download Little Of Your Time

  12. Goodnight Goodnight – Deerhoof

    Download Goodnight Goodnight

  13. Not Falling Apart – Tiesto

    Download Not Falling Apart

  14. Better That We Break – Ali Shaheed Muhammad

    Download Better That We Break

  15. Secret – DJ Premier

    Download Secret

  16. Woman – Sam Farrar of Phantom Planet

    Download Woman

  17. This Love – Cut Copy

    Download This Love

  18. If I Never See Your Face Again Feat. Rihanna – Paul Oakenfold

    Download If I Never See Your Face Again Feat. Rihanna

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Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long [2007]

It Won't Be Soon Before Long is Maroon 5's second studio album, released on May 22, 2007. It came almost a full five years after their debut, Songs About Jane. The name was inspired by a phrase the band adopted to keep themselves motivated while on their tour. The album debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling 429,484 copies in its first week.

  1. If I Never See Your Face Again

    Download If I Never See Your Face Again

  2. Makes Me Wonder

    Download Makes Me Wonder

  3. Little of Your Time

    Download Little of Your Time

  4. Wake Up Call

    Download Wake Up Call

  5. Won't Go Home Without You

    Download Won't Go Home Without You

  6. Nothing Lasts Forever

    Download Nothing Lasts Forever

  7. Can't Stop

    Download Can't Stop

  8. Goodnight Goodnight

    Download Goodnight Goodnight

  9. Not Falling Apart

    Download Not Falling Apart

  10. Kiwi

    Download Kiwi

  11. Better That We Break

    Download Better That We Break

  12. Back at Your Door

    Download Back at Your Door

  13. Infatuation

    Download Infatuation

  14. Until You're Over Me

    Download Until You're Over Me

  15. Losing My Mind

    Download Losing My Mind

  16. Miss You Love You

    Download Miss You Love You

  17. Story

    Download Story

  18. The Way I Was

    Download The Way I Was

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